Hi, I’m Lusea Lu...

Passionate entrepreneur, thought leader, coach to speakers, consultant and industry expert
“The most powerful force in the universe is alignment. When what you say aligns with who you are, BAMMM…you are unstoppable and incomparable.” Lusea Lu.

My Story

Born in Taiwan and raised as a global citizen, I’m fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. I combine my knowledge of East and West to deliver a truly unique coaching approach to help mission-driven entrepreneurs craft their personal story and create laser targeted messaging that talks directly to their ideal clients.

I’ve had the humble privilege of leading a family business which my parents started from nothing, and built to become an 8-figure international enterprise. Through this business, I’ve worked with successful millionaires, I’ve heard their stories and I’ve understood what exactly makes them unique and stand apart from other business owners that are just struggling.

With a lot of hard work, I became one of the go-to communications experts among Taiwanese Elite Entrepreneurs and top level executives to uplevel their success mindset and presentation skills.

I really know what it’s like to not have your own voice, to want to share your unique message with the world but is too scared of how others would judge you or look at you when you “play full out”.

I became passionate about Public Speaking at age 12, because before that I never thought my voice mattered. I was bullied a lot by the popular girls because I was always this awkward, shy, introverted ugly duckling who couldn’t seem to fit in. And I didn’t speak a word of English at that time.

The combination of learning English and joining speech competitions literally change my life. I was transformed through the power of speaking..and boy…..when I found my voice…I knew I was unstoppable and I want to help others to do the same.

By the time I was 18, I was already exceeding the expectations I’d set for myself. I had been selected as a Millennium Star (where I beat over 600 contestants to be the finalist to report about the Sydney Olympic Games Live on Taiwan National Television). In my first year of college, I was already a three-times National Public Speaking champion. At age 21, I was judging international speaking competitions and was considered an expert in speaking when most of my peers were terrified to be on stage! By age, 23, I was awarded as the Young Entrepreneur of the Future by the renowned Epoch Foundation in Taiwan and rubbed shoulders with successful entrepreneurs around the world.

However, all the competition and accomplishments didn’t make me happy. It made me only want more and more recognition. There came a point when winning no longer excited me. I wanted to do more and wondered, how can I use my gift for something greater that can help and benefit others?

That was the time when coaching came to me!

Following my next win in a major speech competition, a competitor approached me and told me how much she admired me. “I wish I could speak like you!”

This was my opportunity to become a coach & mentor! I told the girl not only I would give her my spot for the next round of the speech contest, if she wanted, I would even train her to be the champion.

She said yes excitedly, and this started my coaching career as a “Champion Maker”.

From pronunciation and facial expressions to word choice and stage presence, down to her mimics and facial expression, we totally recreated her as a speaker. By the time we were done, Cynthia was a transformed woman. She transformed into a true champion and won first place in the next round, and I grew into a change maker.

I had earned my authority as both a speaker and coach quite early in life.

Many people have told me that I seem to “have an infectious passion for life” and this is true. I’m really really passionate when it comes to speaking, because without a doubt I would say that speaking has literally saved and changed my life. And the ability to speak a second language like a native has given me the chance to play bigger games in life and in business. It transformed me from a shy, introverted girl into someone who could step on a global stage with total confidence and authority.  

Throughout my career as a speaker and a coach I have seen how owning a stage can literally change people’s lives and businesses.

I truly believe having a powerful speaker presence can elevate you from the masses to become a leader, as well as making you millions as I’ve witness in our family business.

It’s now my life mission to help coaches, consultants, thought leaders and experts to excel and get their message out in the world and own their stage, inspire their audience and make a difference to the world.

Like unpolished diamonds, we each have the capacity to soar and shine. That’s where I come in. I will help you unpack and share your boldest visions with the world to kick off a legacy of positive change. So let’s get to work!



For Lusea Lu, speech has always been a catalyst for success. Lusea was born in Taiwan and raised as a global citizen. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She was a three-time national speech champion in Taiwan and has appeared on Taiwanese national television, winning the Millennium Olympic Star to report live from the Sydney Olympic games. With intention, dedication and determination, Lusea has become one of the go-to communications experts among Taiwanese top-level executives, helping them shift their success mindset and enhance their presentation skills.


Lusea knows how to engage. She has had the humbling privilege of leading a family business, which her parents started from nothing and built into an eight-figure international enterprise. In this influential role, Lusea established an extensive, global network, connecting with successful millionaires and listening to their stories to understand what made them unique in their wealth and prestige, and why they stand apart from other business owners who struggle to compete.


Lusea has a gift to transform. Inspired by her own development and driven by seeing her clients succeed, Lusea combines her knowledge of East and West to deliver a truly unique coaching approach to help mission-driven entrepreneurs craft their personal story and create laser targeted messaging that talks directly to their ideal clients.

My Approach

Today, I coach international thought leaders on how to perfect their speaking skills and scale their business from working 1-1 to sharing their message with the world.

As a believer in lifelong learning and stepping out of my comfort zone, I continue to evolve by focusing on personal growth and self-development, which I’ve integrated into my own practice, under the guidance of the world’s best coaches and entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Brendon Burchard, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer and Pam Hendrickson.

I’m not only a knowledge expert but also an experienced entrepreneur who has been through it all. I know what trips people up. From someone whose first language is not English and who had to learn everything from scratch, I understand precisely what is required to become a great speaker.

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