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I Help Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Craft & Rock Their Personal Brand Story
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Are you ready for a transformation?

I’ve created an innovative, thought-provoking and influential speaker coaching service specifically designed to help mission-driven entrepreneurs discover their passion and purpose, and share their message on a global scale. My genius is to help you package your experience and expertise to attract and resonate with the people that you are meant to lead and serve.

As a three time national public speaking champion in Taiwan, I’ve had over 24 years of public speaking experience and 12 years of speaker coaching experience under my belt. To know how I roll, check out the testimonial section where my clients talk about how I’ve helped them grow their speaking career.

To speak, it all starts with having the right speech. I help my clients create their signature speech, which I called The Tribe Magnet Speech™ which equips you with the right tools to powerfully connect with your audience (aka your tribe) and engage them in your product or service offering.


Think of the Tribe Magnet Speech as a multi-purpose tool – a bit like a Swiss army knife for entrepreneurs:

Define and refine your messaging so that it speaks directly to your clients.

As a recognized authority in your field, you will create a transformative relationship with your audience members and attract genuine loyalty.

Build marketing collateral that resonates.

Your magnetic appeal will compel individuals to buy, enabling you to become the master of your own success.

Scale your business from one-to-one coaching to one-to-many coaching.

As a well-positioned, trusted expert, you will rapidly build a pipeline of potential customers.

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Tribe Magnet Speech Q & A


How do I know if I need a Tribe Magnet Speech?
  1. If you have a message, and your message is to serve more people, or if your business is about getting your message out there, then you need the Tribe Magnet Speech.

  3. If you have reached a point in your business where you’ve hit a glass ceiling, but you still want to reach more people, then you definitely need a Tribe Magnet Speech in your toolkit.

  5. If your purpose is to make a difference while growing your business, you want to do more than simply motivate and inspire; you want to build and expand. This is what the Tribe Magnet Speech is all about.
What if my business area is really boring?
That’s where the Tribe Magnet Speech comes in. Together, we will capitalize on what makes your business interesting and what will differentiate you from the other “boring” businesses in your industry! Your business is here to serve other people, and by serving them, you’re helping them. That’s what makes your business truly special! Tribe Magnet Speech will bring that out. It will highlight your passion for helping others, and it will reveal the real, authentic you.
What if I don’t have anything to say?
The only fear greater than death is the fear of public speaking. It’s the fear of exposing yourself and sharing your true story. Stress results from this fear, triggering a self-defense assertion of “I don’t know what to say!” The Tribe Magnet Speech will help you overcome this massive mental block by helping you unpack what you want to say with a clear starting point, a definitive ending point and an impactful and effective first sentence – and much, much more.
What if I get nervous when it comes to getting up and speaking on stage?
Generally, people get nervous because they don’t know what to say or how to say it. During the process of creating the Tribe Magnet Speech, I will help you create a narrative and feel so confident about the contents of your speech, that you will no longer be nervous. In fact, you will be so moved by your own story that you will immediately want to share it with other people. That in itself will bring you confidence and certainty, and your nervousness will just melt away. All you have to do is follow the process and take on the coaching.
What if I’m not a good speaker? What if I’m not a ‘motivational speaker’?
What is more important: the fact that you are not a good speaker or your mission to serve?

You have arrived here because you want to get your message out there, right? That’s what I help you do!

What if I’ve got nothing unique to speak about?
The real question is “What if that’s a lie you’ve been telling yourself?” There’s only one of you! You are unique, which means you have unique perspectives, unique experiences, unique interpretations and unique learnings to share.

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