Hello my fellow breakthrough warriors, this episode is going to go deeeeeppp and personal! It's also a challenging one to record (you will hear tears for sure!) because the special guest is my late father Bill Lu. Though Bill is not with us anymore, his spirit is still very present and I believe his has messages that he wants to share with the world, to help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey. In this first section, I share the 5 common challenges that most entrepreneurs face but won't admit; where in part II, I will go in depth to share the lessons that I've learned from my father's life and how he was able to overcome multiples setbacks, business betrayals, being in debt, even put in prison to becoming the president of a multi-national multi million dollar corporation, serving clients around the world with our health supplement products to help people lose weight healthily while creating wealth with integrity. I hope you'll enjoy this epsipode. It's raw, personal and deeply emotional. Yet, it's also healing for me that I get to honor my father for being the force behind my Podcast. Truly, without him, I wouldn't be here. This show exists because of Bill & Jean (My Mom & Dad). I'm forever grateful for my parents and I'm grateful to share Bill Lu's story and legacy with you! Enjoy!