The Motivation Monday is a recording of Lusea Lu's FB Live every Saturday, called the Sashimi Saturday series. The conversation is as raw as Sushi, where Lusea has raw?honest and transparent convesation with the fans about the entrepreneurship journey and the valuable insights she has gained through this real life #PurposeToProfit experiment of creating, launching and growing the Breakthrough With Lusea Lu podcast. In this episode?Lusea continues the conversation from her FIRST Sashimi Saturday (recorded on Aug 4th 2018) about shame. Specifically talking about “Entrepreneurial Shame” : how this journey of entrepreneurship can push you wayyyyy beyond your comfort zone and trigger sense of inadequacy, insecurity and even shame. Vulnerability is hard but it's also the key to get you out of the darkness into light. If you are struggling, it's time to ask for help! You can catch the next Sashimi Saturday on the Breakthrough With Lusea Lu Podcast Fanpage.