In in this Episode, Lusea Lu shares her personal breakthrough journey of how she was able to master English as a 2nd language.

Lusea went from a shy girl who didn't speak English at 12 to becoming a 3 times national public speaking champion at age 18 and now runs a global coaching business that inspires and trains audience from around the world.

Lusea shares from her personal experience and gives practical tips to those who want to master English as a 2nd language and bring their message to global stages.

At the end of the show, Lusea also offers the chance to work with her FOR FREE. (but you gotta follow the instruction) to help you take your English learning to the next level!

Lusea Lu
Asia's #1 Personal Branding & Business Transformation Expert
Lusea Lu is a multi-award winning international speaker and entrepreneur who shares her skills as an experts business coach to enable others to thrive in entrepreneurship, success mindset and business growth. As the former general manager of a multi-national, multi-million-dollar corporation and an award-winning national speaker, Lusea combines her Taiwanese upbringing and western world influence to deliver engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring talks that enable entrepreneurs to achieve lasting success.