In this Episode, Lusea explains what exactly is a mission-driven business. What's the fundamental difference between a Purpose-Driven business and a Profit-Driven one? And how can you increase your power and influence to scale your impact and reach more people?

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, you must see and position yourself as a thought-leader and influencer, rather than just a business owner, a coach or a consultant.

Lusea draws upon her experience of working with industry best business leaders and what she learned from them about leadership, power and influence so you can truly build a thriving business around your passion and purpose

You can also find Lusea's full speech at 2018 Mega Success in LA,
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Lusea Lu
Asia's #1 Personal Branding & Business Transformation Expert
Lusea Lu is a multi-award winning international speaker and entrepreneur who shares her skills as an experts business coach to enable others to thrive in entrepreneurship, success mindset and business growth. As the former general manager of a multi-national, multi-million-dollar corporation and an award-winning national speaker, Lusea combines her Taiwanese upbringing and western world influence to deliver engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring talks that enable entrepreneurs to achieve lasting success.